Changing logistics education

This step in education is too logic for words.

Lack of knowledge is often seen as a problem in society, in your job
or when people want to start working or studying in a sector. LogiTrainer
solves this problem with her products. LogiTrainer worldwide transforms
the lack of knowledge into an abundance of expertise in logistics.

We want to share and do not strive for profitmaximalisation but for
educational evolution and community welfare. Everybody can train and
influence their lives with our products thanks to our Supply Chain Partners
and our Trainer Partners.

That's the way we contribute to purpose economy and get our kicks.
Purpose economy
A series of shifts are happening in our economy:
Millennials are trading in conventional career paths to launch tech start-ups, start small businesses that are rooted in local communities, or freelance their expertise.

We are sharing everything, from bikes and cars, to extra rooms in our homes.
We now create, buy and sell handcrafted products in our local communities with ease. A new economic era is transforming companies, markets and our careers to better serve people and the world. LogiTrainer wants to be part of that.

Professionalism has a base: knowledge and skills.

LogiTrainer lets you enjoy learning, making it easily approachable for employees in logistics.

LogiTrainer wants to bridge the gap to your next challenge.

We let people and companies excel